Week 4 At The Mexico City MTC

Can I just say I love you guys. I really appreciate the messages of encouragement you all gave me.

This week was a lot better.

Okay, Pula was sick, and we let her sleep at home a couple days so she could get better, and I went as a trio with Wilkinson and Boushka. Then I got sick on Saturday. I had a bit of a sore throat, and I think a little bit of a fever. So after lunch, where I was zoning out while eating, I went home and slept. The others were supposed to get me at four, but class tends to change around here, so they weren’t able to, so I just slept some more.

Megusta dormir.

So they came home, to get me, and didn’t have a key so I had to open the door for them. I opened it, and it wasn’t just the Hermanas, but my whole district,and our teacher Hermano Flores. Pula told me that the Elders would like to give me a blessing. So, I was like, uh, give me a minute to go put on my skirt. I was in my PJ’s.

Apparently what had happened was that the Hermanas had told Hermano Flores they were going to pick me up and he was like why don’t we go give her a blessing?

That was definitely Heavenly Father taking care of me. I was thinking of getting a blessing that week, and had prayed to have the opportunity to ask for one made for me, and next thing you know they come over and offer to give  me one. Definitely the Lord taking care of me.

Anyway so I came out in my skirt, and then I had to pick which of the Elders would give me the blessing. So, I just glanced around and picked Boyer, because he’s so sweet, and Wright because it seemed right. (bud-dump-dump ching). So, Boyer gave me the blessing and Wright did the anninting. I sat down on a chair on our porch, since they can’t come in, and all of the elders surrounded me to give me the blessing.

So, I´m going to write out what I can remember or the blessing that Boyer gave me.

Heavenly Father wants you to remember and know how much he loves you. He wants you to know that you will be able to speak fluently. He hears your prayer every night. He wants you to act in faith. Act in faith all day. Listen to the Holy Ghost. Listen in detail so that you may be in the places you need to be. He promises you that you will be able to speak fluently in the lessons that you teach with the people that you have covenanted with before this life, that you would teach them. He wants you to know that as you act in faith he will be behind you and support you. He wants you to be yourself. He loves your personality and  through your personality you will lift up those around you. You will be healed from your illness according to your faith. Your mind will be opened and you will comprehend the language more. The Lord wants you to remember how much he loves you.

That blessing was really cool. I am so grateful that Katherine sent me that talk last week about the missionary who found that person that they knew, but had never met before. I got tingles while reading it, and then I was told in this blessing that there really are people that I promised I would come and teach them. I am so glad I am here, and on my way to go do that.

What´s also awesome is that after I got that blessing, I have been having such an easier time reading, understanding and speaking Spanish. That blessing really did make a difference. I also was feeling almost completely well by that night, and then the next day was Fast Sunday, and I felt fine. I didn’t eat or drink anything Sunday, until we broke our fast at lunch, and I was fine. I am extremely grateful that our teacher suggested that the Elders give me a blessing, partly so the elders could practice saying the memorized bit in Spanish, but it really helped me.

That was definitely my highlight for the week. I’m a little sad, some of the Hermanas I became friends with left, but I got their information so it’s ok, and they´re going to El Salvador so I’m excited for them.

I still can’t believe I only have two weeks left here. It’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around it.

I am managing to do everything, they have assigned us. I basically ended up color coding my agenda. But it’s working. I may not get it done fast, but it’s getting done. And I think I’m the third farthest in my Book of Mormon in Spanish. Elder McClaws is first, bu really doesn’t count beacause He started before he came here. Hermana Boushka is insane though. She is already in Helaman. I’m only in Jacob. I’m hoping to get to Mosiah today. I finished 2 Nephi on Fast Sunday, because there was more time to study.

That reminds me Pula and I are starting to do companionship study this week, it´s not in our schedule, to try and improve our unity in our lessons. our teachers commented that they thought we needed to be more united. So we are going to try companionship study. I’m hoping it will help, because I know were not on the same page.  I don’t ever think we´ll be bosom buddies but we could be more united on lessons. I just keep thinking of what Mom says, that you can only change yourself not the other person. So that’s what I’m going to try doing. Hopefully I can listen to the Holy Ghost and improve myself and our relationship.

But I think things are working out better here. I have to take my skirts in this week, because they keep slipping and showing my slip. Not a good thing, but at the same time losing weight is not bad.

Thanks for the emails, I love hearing about your trip. I liked getting an email from Kayla this week. That was awesome. I’m glad to know that my stuffed animals are being visited, and I’m sure it makes them feel happier too, to know that there’s someone to take care of them. Sorry Laura that I´m not there to wrangle Michael in, you’ll have to find someone else to do it. I hope you and Michael really like the Andrew Bird Concert. Thanks for keeping the dogs company Michael, and Mom, I hope you find a brace that helps your foot. Mom, I am so excited for your callings and all that you get to do to help other people.  I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it immensely.

Can´t wait to hear from all of you next week!

Love Natalie

P.S. Mom can you send me a list of everyone’s birthdays so I can remember to say Happy Birthday in the right week? I can’t remember most of your guys birthdays right now, sorry. Love you a ton!


No pictures again this week, so instead… pictures of dogs!

This is Lucy being a ninja dog under Natalie’s blankets.

Perros grandes


UPDATE: So, I was wrong.  There are pictures from Natalie.  Here they are:

Laboratorio de computación secreto

Un dormitorio muy limpio

El Libro de Mormón en español
(The highlighted words are the ones she does not know. She is highlighting and then writing the definition in the margins.)

Natalie se está reduciendo

(Most of these captions brought to you by Google Translate.)


E-mail Hermana Natalie Palmer directly at natalie.palmer@myldsmail.net

Even a short, encouraging e-mail would be great!


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