Hola! It’s Natalie! Wait, I Mean Hermana Palmer – At the Mexico City MTC

This week has gone by so fast! I´m not really sure where to start.

So last week we went to the temple. It was awesome, though really hard to figure out what they were saying. I only understood some of what they were saying. The veil was extremely hard, but the temple workers were really nice and just kept repeating the words until you got what they were trying to say.


The Devotional was really good last Tuesday. It was Elder Scott.  My whole district had things in it that helped them.

My District is awesome by the way. We all get along really well, we’re different from each other, but we manage to work out well. It’s really interesting being in our second week because we look at groups from the first week and wonder why they aren’t as close. We all worked together to get through our difficulties. Our elders are really good guys, and make sure that we (the Hermanas) get taken care of, and cheer us on even when we suck at volleyball. We were playing with a group last night who didn’t do that, it was kind of sad.

So we finished teaching our first investigator this week (really one of the teachers) and he became our night teacher. Hermano Flores is awesome. We love both him and our morning teacher Hermana Powell. Hermano Flores is a native though, and can really help us with our pronunciation.

He is so nice! Yesterday he asked to get to know us, so he had short sort of interview sessions yesterday with him. He gave me so many compliments. He told me that I have a great love, and sweet spirit, and that he really appreciates that. He also told me that he loves how upbeat I am. Ok maybe it doesn’t seem like a ton of compliments when I write it down, but it felt like it. I seem to be getting a lot of compliments in interviews. Last week in my interview with the branch presidents secretary he gave me a lot of compliments too. Maybe I just need them. Elder Boyer in our district also gave me  a really nice compliment, he turned to me after I had said something and said¨”You have a lot of wisdom.  I don’t know if people realize it, but you do.” He is the sweetest elder in our district. He has definitely been taught to respect women.

This week has been pretty good. I am finally starting to understand how to conjugate verbs, and can say simple sentences, which makes it nice in the lessons. Part of that is that I finally found the best way for me to read the book of Mormon in Spanish. Our branch president asked us to read the whole Book Of Mormon before we leave. I wasn’t crazy about it until just this Sunday. I’ve been highlighting words I don´t know and writing the definitions in a book. I just started writing the definition in pencil above the word, and for some reason that works a lot better. I am actually understanding most of the verses,and only looking a little bit at my English scriptures. It makes me so happy and excited. I want to be out in Panama now. I need to learn more first, but I am so excited.

We had a devotional on Sunday as well. It was a video of Ballard talking to Provo MTC in October, but it was really good too. If you guys can find it, it’s awesome. His wife talks too and she is a crackup. He talked about learning from the living prophets and how to do that, it was really helpful for me.


I don’t think I told you guys about the food here. It´s kind of weird. We eat a TON of bread. The other problem is that you don’t know most of the time, what type of meat is being served. I just try to be careful,and Pula helps me out, by taking only what looks like beef or chicken. I’ve done okay so far on that. The other night though they served tamales that were cooked in banana leaves (though apparently I am the only one who knows what banana leaves look like) and I couldn’t eat it, because it had a banana flavor. And then Hermana Wandel who is going to Panama too, started eating a banana. I had to scoot to the other side of the table, and then told  her to keep eating. But most of the food is weird,and everyone is having a little bit of a hard time getting their bodies to adjust to it.

So, I think I am the oldest Hermana here. All the others are about 19-21. I only met one other 22 year old, and it was a native. I got the emails of some Latinas, because they were so sweet and had been helping Pula and me speak Spanish. They left Friday, we were so sad. The MTC is kind of empty right now, but it will probably be filled by the end of the day. They just sent all the natives out, and a couple of districts. There are so many people though that sometimes it’s hard to find a spot in the cafeteria or move around in it.

There are a couple of companionships all going to Panama. All Hermanas, no Elders. Pula and I have become really good friends with Hermana Wendell, and her companion Hermana Latu. Latu has given me a nickname. She calls me Small, because I am so much taller than the other girls. The only problem is that yesterday we were all late to our things after our meals, because we were laughing so hard. They are so much fun. They´re in some of my pictures. Hermana Latu is hispanic and Tongan, so she´s small dark with straight dark hair. Wandell has brown hair, and is pale like me.


There are also pictures with Hermana Bouchka and Wilkinson, Wilkinson is black,and Bouchka has long blond curly hair. there are some more pictures with Hermanas Doushker,and Won, they´re going to Santa Rosa California. Won is Samoan, so Pula made sure to get to know her, and I met Douchker on bus to the MTC.

Anyway It’s going well, and it’s flying by I can’t believe I´m on my third week. It feels so short.


And some pictures from around Mexico City


E-mail Hermana Natalie Palmer directly at natalie.palmer@myldsmail.net


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